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AdditioApp for Amazing Organisation!

Back in 2014, I briefly blogged about the iPad app iDoceo and how amazingly functional it was as an electronic planner and grade book. Even though we (unfortunately) do not use iPads at my current school, I still keep up to date with the development of iDoceo and it really seems to be going from strength to strength!

Imagine, then, my complete frustration when I couldn't find anything comparable to iDoceo for use on my Windows Surface! Although I do love my Surface, the Windows Store is woefully inadequate of good quality apps (for the moment). During the previous academic year I used the Chalk online platforms - Planboard and Markboard. Whilst these are commendable they lack the immediacy of an app which I can open immediately on my tablet as I walk into class. Not having to worry about an internet connection to open a webpage is also a very important factor for me as I am often placed in a location where there was no WiFi for a parents consultation day where I require student data!

After a lot of looking around, I discovered AdditioApp. - a web-based platform and an attractive Android & iPad app which sync together. I've been using it this academic year and, so far, I'm really pleased with it as it fulfills all of my expectations (and exceeds some!) for both a planner and a grade book. It's worth noting that I use the AMIDuOS emulator to allow the Additio android app to run on my Windows Surface.

In my review of iDoceo I had mentioned that I particularly enjoyed:

  • Exporting lessons and assessment sheets to PDF to share with other teachers and leaders.

  • Storing and linking data for specific students, e.g. parental emails.

  • Having instant access to attendance data for each class.

  • Accessing student information during parent consultation evenings.

  • The ease at which I was able to pass on a large amount of invaluable data to the next teacher who would be teaching the class.

AdditioApp can facilitate all of the above. However, focusing specifically on AdditioApp, here's a quick run down of the elements that I currently really enjoy about this app:

  • Creating assessment rubrics is really simple and easy to use across classes. It is easy to input assessment grades whilst marking performance assessments, for example. The rubrics also look nice!

  • It's very easy to import class lists from an Excel spreadsheet meaning that I never had to type one name into the app.

  • There are a multitude of different input choices for columns - from free text to icons to marks which can be added up in a final column making for easy comparisons between students.

  • The 'home screen' features the tasks and classes for today which is very useful.

  • The planning feature is particularly powerful and makes planning very easy and cohesive. If I go into each class I can select a tab and I am immediately shown the full plan for that class so I can easily see what week they are currently on, what they have covered and how many weeks until the end of term. It's also very easy to copy a basic lesson plan between classes of the same year and then tweak the plan for particular classes.

  • The annual fee to access all of the functions in the AdditioApp is a mere €7.99 which is amazing value!

Would I return to iDoceo if I worked in a school which used iPads? Well, I would have to test drive the latest version but I have a feeling that the AdditioApp might give it a run for it's money!!

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